Sunday, September 7, 2014


 By Consuella Harris
A path to happiness for some childless couples
Vincent Adams, a prominent attorney;  Mark Abbott, a leading OB/Gyn doctor; Jed Boswell, a psychiatrist; and Dick Callaghan, a private investigator were the partners in Lake Shore Parenting Group, whose primary purpose was to provide babies for childless couples through surrogate mothers.  Both Vincent Adams and Mark Abbott had suffered heart attacks and died on the same day.  Valerie Scovall, a Superior Court Judge, having known Vincent extremely well at one time, questioned their deaths and hired Keith Brown, an ex-retired police officer who owned an investigative firm to try to determine if these were normal deaths.  Since the men died in a hospital, no autopsies were performed and one body had been cremated.
Four families had applied for a baby through a surrogate mother and three young women supplied four babies.  This story encompasses the personal story of why each young woman became a surrogate, the emotion traumas she experienced and the basis of the decision by each of these childless couples to go this route instead of through a regular adoption proceeding.
This story encompasses human weaknesses and strengths, selfishness and compassion.  It is well written and there are aspects introduced that many of us have no idea are encompassed in surrogate proceedings.  I not only enjoyed this story, but I learned much also.  There is a surprising twist at the end.